Fluid Power Seals

Sealfluid, the Fluid Power Seals division of F.LLI Paris, is a unique combination of state-of-the-art material technology, seal design capabilities, flexible CNC production technology and industry application expertise.

Our CNC production requires no tooling, allows rapid prototyping and serial production with a fast delivery for standard profiles and custom-tailored solutions.

Diameters range from a minimum of 25 mm to a maximum outside diameter of 1,800 mm, both for standard sizes and for special ones.

The core materials we use are, Polyurethanes, Elastomers, PTFE compounds and Engineered Plastics.

Products include but are not limited to:

  • Wipers Seals
  • Rod Seals
  • Piston Seals
  • Static Seals
  • Wear Rings
  • Anti-Extrusion Rings (Back-up Rings) and other ancillary devices
  • Rotary seals
  • Custom tailored, application specific seal solutions
  • Custom kits

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