High Performance Polymers

Known for their ability to perform under extreme conditions, high-performance polymers are often chosen to replace metal parts in numerous industries that are under continuous harsh conditions. The differences with more traditional materials come from their resistance to both temperature and chemicals and their mechanical properties.

Within our molding department, we manufacture technical items for industrial applications with the latest generation injection presses. Molds are designed and built internally, to meet the specific needs of our customers and guarantee the quality of the products during their life cycle.

A modern CNC machining department (lathes and multi-axis cutters) allow our network to finish our pieces by mechanical machining, to obtain shapes and tolerances that injection molding does not allow.

Through innovative 3D printers, that guarantee finished parts with an extreme accuracy (around 0.025 mm), we manufacture technical components in various standard and High Performance Polymers. Prototypes and small series are manufactured in less time, there is no need to manufacture molds with a consequent reduction of costs.

Our manufacturers only use first choice raw materials, such as PEEK, PPS, PA, PC, PU, PP, etc. The manufactured parts can be mono or bi-component and can be produced in small and large series or sizes. They can also be provided with metallic or polymeric inserts and can be assembled in kits.

Technical components for industrial applications in High Performance Polymers are manufactured by using the latest generation injection presses. Molds are designed and built entirely in-house to meet our customer specifications, guaranteeing, through careful maintenance planning, product quality throughout the life cycle.
We also apply our know-how to support customers in choosing the best construction solutions in terms of shape, tolerances, and the choice of materials based on the end use.

It is a colorless organic thermoplastic polymer, belonging to the family of polyaryletherketones (PAEK). With a semi-crystalline appearance, it is considered one of the highest performing thermoplastic materials in the world. Used in engineering applications, it offers exceptional performances in a wide range of temperatures and under extreme conditions.

Fluorten, a member of the Sealcore Network, is also pioneer in the transformation of the PEEK, from raw material to finished piece, and it is ranked at the highest levels in the production of high-quality components and sleeves for the most varied application sectors.

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