Large O-Rings

ORINGONE’s CO.S.M.O. System (COmpression Step Molding for O-rings) is an evolution of the traditional compression molding that, mixed with the step-molding technology and a very innovative and unique tool design can produce O-Rings with any dimension of inside diameter and no limits in size.

With every single mold (in which only the cross section is a fixed feature) the CO.S.M.O. process can produce all the O-Rings with the same cross section, offering the benefit of avoiding tooling costs when in need of a new or nonstandard item, even if it’s just for one piece.

The process works with the same parameters of the traditional compression molding (pressure, temperature and vulcanization timing), giving to the products the same physical properties and mechanical performance of compression or injection molded parts and offering a high-performance alternative to jointed or vulcanized O-Rings made from extruded cord.

The only limit applied on the process is the minimum inside diameter: 200,00 mm (7,85″).
Together with a wide choice of available cross sections from 2,62mm (0,10″) to 60,00mm (2,36″) ORINGONE can offer an unlimited number of items that can be designed and configurated according to the project’s needs and with no tie to standard dimensions or items.

The CO.S.M.O. system is also used to produce high quality and precision o-ring cord, which is produced exactly as the O-Rings and offered on coils with standard length formats depending on the cross section.

All the products are offered with tolerances according to ISO standards: ISO 3601-1 for diameter and thickness and ISO 3601-3 both grades N and S for surface quality, assuring the best standards on the market.

All the ORINGONE’s product can be produced with more than 90 different compounds:

  • NBR: Black, hardness from 50 to 90 ShA (FDA and Low Temp grades available)
  • HNBR: Black, hardness from 60 to 90 ShA (AED grade available)
  • EPDM: Sulphur and Peroxide cured, Black, hardness from 60 to 90 ShA (FDA and Low Temp grades available)
  • FKM: Black, White and more colors, hardness from 60 to 90 ShA (FDA, AED and Low Temp grades available)
  • CR/NEOPRENE: Black, 60 and 70 ShA
  • FEPM/AFLAS: Black, 70 and 90 ShA (FDA grade available)
  • VMQ/SILICONE: Red, 60 and 70 ShA FDA
  • FFKM/EZTRA(r): Black and White, hardness from 70 to 90 ShA (FDA, AED and Low Temp grades available)

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